Raise Your Glasses

Julie and Nancy founders of Coti Vision, invite you to “Raise your Glasses”. We all know the problems around hitting the 40+ milestone and needing to extend reading matter at arms length to read small print.

Unfortunately, deteriorating eyesight is simply a consequence of age! After many years of working in the Eyewear Industry we decided it was time to change the way reading glasses are perceived.

Coti Vision was created out of frustration and the realisation that whenever they are needed, whether be it in meetings, shopping or at dinner to read a menu, our reading glasses were nowhere to be found. Of course reading glasses are not normally a permanent feature and are continuously taken on and off. No surprise, they can often be found either at the bottom of a bag, left in a car or perched on the top of the head! Sound a familiar story?

We wanted to make wearing reading glasses stylish, sophisticated and most importantly, always at your fingertips. Our Coti Vision necklace reading glasses do just that – and when not needed they can easily convert to a simple, yet stylish necklace. They truly are reading glasses to compliment your look.

Our focus was to provide a product which delivered uniqueness and character.

We are about blending function with fashion with a burst of colour to inspire a look which is bold and beautiful.

Our necklace reading glasses are available in a variety of colours and four powers +1.00 - +2.50.