A Legacy Of Craftsmanship

A decade ago the concept of Safarro was founded as a vision to develop quality accessories. The meaning derived from a nomadic word for “a journey”.

Today the focus is primarily on eyewear that evokes a legacy of luxury, craftsmanship, innovation and modern design. Safarro craftsmen continue to bring iconic style and innovation into everything we create. We continue to put design and quality before all else.

The dedication that goes into each piece we create means that it will acquire character and charm over time. Safarro is an aspiration, it is our vision, our goal and our objective.

It is our mission to explore, create and deliver. We believe that every element is essential to the beauty of the finished pieces, and aim to use timeless methods to create modern day designs.

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  • "We fell in love with this monastery we found outside of Venice which dates back to the 15th century. The monastery was closed for decades to the public and was a silent enclosure for the inhabitants."

  • "A monastery surrounded by stones and steep mountains recall the harshness of the absolute and radical choice made when devoting one’s entire existence to religion."

  • "Those present seek communication with the Divine through the silence of nature and deliver a message of peace and serenity to the wayfarer. Not only those passing through the valley, but to all travels on this earth."

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